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30 October 2003


Look, I don't want to see your thong! Okay? So don't walk around in clothing that reveals beyond a doubt that you are wearing it! If you want to wear a thong, wear it under a pretty skirt! Keep it to yourself! Let men see the outline on your pretty bum, not the actual fabric! Don't wear it with jeans that are so low-rise your pubes frizzle out over the waistline, okay? Next time I see a skinny California girl with an incomprehensible tattoo that covers her entire back leaning way over in her low-rise jeans so that her entire thong and half her ass is visible the icepick collection is going to lose a member in her unfortunate forebrain! Didn't your mama teach you a little bit of class?

The people I work with are sickos...C's mom has been dead two years and all her friends call and say, 'Hi, this is C's dead mom calling for C, is she there?' C constantly refers to her mom as 'my dead mom'. One guy from the office was hospitalized yesterday for bleeding on his brain. This morning C and T were joking about 'dead John', not in a mean way at all - just like morbid sickos. I highly dig this morbid tendency. Halloween should be a ball here. Also everyone eats like pigs here. Between office potlucks and Mexican cooking at home I'm set to be a heifer by christmas. Yesterday C and I went to Miguel's Jr. for lunch and I had a chicken-cheese-and-rice burrito. I think perhaps burritos are the greatest sandwich form ever. C ate a pork-cheese-and-rice burrito. Then she revealed that she had already eaten a burrito from Del Taco (Classic Chicken) and two donuts and it was only 11:00 in the flippin' morning! I ate a Spicy Chicken burrito from Del last night. It was highly grand. I am the burrito queen. Okay...out.

29 October 2003


Just talked to someone named 'Serafina Denti Barrie'. What an intimidating name; had to check real quick to make sure she's not a shareholder here just in case I was thinking some nasty thoughts about her. I get the feeling the shareholders can spontaneously set people on fire without moving their hands. I think she runs a publishing company - should I solicit her with manuscripts? Should I sic Lola on her? Ha! As though Lola were so easily manipulated.

Ate at Miguel's Jr. today. Not nearly as spicy as I would have liked. Out.

28 October 2003


So the girl who is the dumbest in the class inevitably sits next to me. Last Monday she sat in front of me and talked about how cute her clothes were and how much she liked J.Lo's sweaters better than Wal-Mart's sweaters, right in the middle of a lecture on the Buddhist aversion to materialism. The instructor tried to change the subject; she interrupted him at top voice and continued! Her parents must be so proud...

Ai, and so last night she sat next to me, or rather I sat next to her, so I suppose it's my fault. I didn't see her until I sat down; she's so fucking skinny that she could use my skirts as sleeping bags. Whatever; I sat next to her. The instructor, a highly likable fellow, was not in class yet. The class was awash with worry. There are fires throughout Southern California and his community, Crestline, is threatened to be burnt to the ground. Everyone is wondering if he is okay.

The dumb girl says, loud enough to carry over the whole room, 'I was really hoping and praying that his house would burn to the ground so our midterm would be cancelled. I'm so not ready!'

I know you are shaking your head wildly and grasping on your desk for the nearest sharp object to insert into your ear and somehow ease the pain gripping your frontal lobe. But yes, this is the truth. These are the people Lola calls the 'passers-by'. It's why I have amassed a collection of icepicks.

Dude, look at my cousin's blog, he rocks! Out.

'Therefore the sage desires no desires, prizes no prizes, studies no studies, and returns to what others pass by.' Tao Te Ching, 64.4

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